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The school - run by Rita Parente (beautician and make-up artists) and Doctor Mario Piombino (specialist in plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic and vascular surgery) - was born in 1978 as Sempiù. Since then it has always distinguished itself as an innovator in the field of professional training in Campania.

Nowadays, the schools has increased its resources thanks to the scientific professionalism and skills of Doctor Luca Piombino (plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery) and Doctor Laura Piombino (Specialised in Food Science).

The success of Sempiù Ripar is due to: the great professional knowledge of its teachers, renowned both in Italy and abroad; its didactic methods that give students a high profile preparation; the strong link between theoretical knowledge and practical skills; an involving and stimulating work environment that allows students to improve their skills for a successful future work career.

The mission of Sempiù Ripar is to improve the best talents so that they can maintain and develop a state-of-the-art structure capable of facing and winning all challenges.

The school stimulates its students to grow and fully exploit their skills. This is the perfect environment for future professionals to learn how to face the challenges of a professional market in a serious and coherent manner and improve their skills.

The scientific board

Head of training

  • Rita Parente, beautician, expert in Camouflage and Micropigmentation. Technical Manager of Ripar Cosmetici S.r.l.

Scientific Manager

  • Doctor Mario Piombino, plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic and vascular surgeon.

Scientific Committee

  • Doctor Luca Piombino, plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery
  • Doctor Laura Piombino, Specialised in Food Science and with a diploma in aesthetic medicine.

Campania Region Accreditation

Rita Parente's school Sempiù Ripar is a training centre accredited by the Campania Region. The qualifications issued after having passed the final examination at the end of each course are recognised all over the European Union.

Quality certification

Rita Parente's school, Sempiù Ripar has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, a sign of the high quality standard and compliance of its training programme. The quality certification is not only something to be proud of, but also a guarantee to its students of a sound and effective investment for their future.

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Quality System Certificate ISO 9001:2008