Semi-permanent Make-up Academy


Micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent make-up and dermopigmentation are all synonyms of make-up techniques that by introducing in the skin specific pigments allow to improve in a semipermanent manner parts of the face and correct imperfections on eyelashes, lips and eyes. The field of application also include paramedical sectors such as in the definition of the mammary areola, scar camouflage or for the correction of skin blemish.

In the last few years, the request for permanent make-up has strongly increased and is now appreciated by many women, more and more dedicated to the care of their body.

Therefore, the beautician market is always more in need of specialised operators with a strong knowledge of image improvement techniques and that are able to work using sound techniques and competence, in compliance with all hygiene and safety regulations.

Sempiù Ripar is a reference point in the training of permanent makeup professionals. The school has over 25 years of experience in the field of micro-pigmentation and offers basic, specific and standard training courses for all those entering into the field of micropigmentation or already with some experience, giving the opportunity to its students to use state-of-the-art equipment and a great range of high quality pigments.

Duration of the course: From 1 to 6 days

Entry Requirements:
Basic Course: beautician or make-up artist diploma
Advanced Course: introduced by the basic course
Master Courses: for experts in micro-pigmentation

Head of training: Rita Parente – beautician and expert in micro-pigmentation and camouflage

Scientific responsible: Doctor Laura Piombino – medical-surgeon, Specialised in Food Science and graduated in Aesthetic Medicine

Basic, advance and master courses: Pigmentation, correction and thickening of eyelashes; Pigmentation, correction and definition of lips; Eyeliner design on the upper and/or lower eyelash rima; Reconstruction of the mammary areola; Reconstruction and pigmentation of areas damaged by burns and scars, practical training.

Beauty centres, Beauty farms, Tattoo Centres, SPAs, Aesthetic medicine centres.

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Quality System Certificate ISO 9001:2008