Camouflage internship


Camouflage is a make-up technique used to hide skin imperfections such as: angiomas, vitiligo, couperose, reddenings, sunspots, age spots, burns, stretch marks, bruises, blue marks, eye shadows, tattoos, teleangectasias, skin dyscolourations, acne and scars.

Its importance has increased a lot in the last few years due to the greater care men and women now dedicate to their look and image.

For all those who want to become Camouflage artists, Sempiù Ripar offers the know-how and experience of Rita Parente, who has been working in the Camouflage sector and teaching its techniques for over 30 years.

The training programme is subdivided into three modules and designed to transfer all necessary technical make-up skills, and also teach relationship skills that are the key to understand the client's psychological and emotional needs.

The first module: is based on the execution of camouflage techniques for all kind of imperfections, self-treatment pre and post plastic surgery, knowledge and use of Ripar Cover Camouflage products.

The second module: improves the technical-operational skills achieved in the first module, adding specific skills necessary to work and collaborate in aesthetic medicine centres.

The third module: regards camouflage and wedding make-up techniques, aimed at all those who wish to achieve the skills for corrective and embellishing make-up.

At the end of the internship, all future professionals will be able to execute corrective make-up with the greatest confidence and independence in order to fulfil the client's and market needs.

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